Symphony Orchestra’s Winter Concert Triumph

Symphony Orchestra’s Winter Concert Triumph

The musical celebrations of Benenden’s Centenary continued in the form of the Symphony Orchestra’s Winter Concert.

A packed hall enjoyed 50 minutes of beautiful and exciting pieces, ranging from evocative music by Rameau to sheer ebullience in the form of Mambo from Bernstein’s iconic West Side Story.

Vaughan Willliam’s Folk Song Suite, written in 1923-24, took those gathered back to the landscapes of a hundred years ago, before the concert concluded with the highlight of the evening – the World Premiere of Watching the World Awaken by Benenden Senior Grace Young (N/B2016). Grace spoke before the performance of how she has tried to encapsulate a sense of the School’s history while creating a fresh, uplifting and exciting sound as Benenden looks ahead to its second Century.

With its instantly memorable melodies and echoes of John Williams and other film soundtracks, Grace’s piece delighted both the players and the audience, and is sure to be performed many more times by Benenden musicians and by other orchestras.

The audience’s reaction to the concert was hugely affirming for the 50 members of the orchestra, who show immense commitment to the rehearsals each Wednesday evening.

Benenden’s next large concert is on Monday 29 April when all of the major ensembles, including the orchestras and choirs, will give their informal Summer Concert at 7.30pm in the Centenary Hall.