Students Distinguish Themselves at Haileybury MUN Conference

Students Distinguish Themselves at Haileybury MUN Conference

Representing France (Security Council), Ireland and Zambia, 19 Benenden MUN members travelled to Haileybury School for their annual Model United Nations conference.

The students were involved in all the committees and made significant contributions in the majority of the questions being debated. In addition to frequent points of interest and speeches, they also put forward a number of amendments and had three resolutions debated and passed in committee.

In addition to having France in the Security Council, they were also asked to provide delegates for Slovenia and Sierra Leone. They also provided a Chair for the Conference Special Committee, Six One (Year 12) student Clemmie, who was thanked at the end alongside the other Chairs.

As always it was fantastic to see Benenden students looking so comfortable in MUN committees. Very well done to all who participated.

Congratulations to those Year 12 students who received the following awards:

Economic and Social Council – Ireland: Isolde, Highly Commended
Human Rights Council – France: Cherry, Highly Commended
Economic and Social Council – France: Amelia, Distinguished
Security Council – France: Ava, Distinguished
Distinguished delegation award – France (a phenomenal achievement!)