Students Bring the Noise for High-Energy House Shout

Students Bring the Noise for High-Energy House Shout

Students from the Fourth (Year 7) to the Fifth (Year 10) amassed in their Houses recently to perform songs for the ever-popular House Shout, perfectly showcasing their creativity, commitment, and unwavering energy to the rest of the School.

Houses took turns rushing the stage with their high-octane interpretations of popular songs, singing and dancing with the utmost confidence and passion.

Songs were selected and performances choreographed by the students themselves, with pupils in the Fifth (Year 10) leading the rehearsals in the build-up to the event.

Echyngham gave an electric performance of Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen with carefully choreographed dance routines complementing drawn-on beards and print-out six packs.

Bruno Mars’s Runaway Baby gave Marshall students the perfect backing for a dynamic and enlivening song-and-dance, with excellent timing and confident execution.

Norris began their version of Revolting Children from Matilda The Musical with a soulful solo vocal, before exploding into riotous uniformed singing and dancing.

The prize for production was claimed by Guldeford, whose raucous take on Timber by Pitbull brought bald caps and a shower of (fake) money to the overall party atmosphere.

The winners were Hemsted, whose lively performance of It’s Raining Men featured appropriate wet-weather wear, impressive vocal harmonies, daring lifts and an uninhibited sense of glee and excitement.

Students across all the Houses should be overjoyed with the show they put on. To see the students compete with such conviction while having so much fun was a joy to behold, and the elated screams of support the pupils showed to each other have been ringing in the ears of the audience ever since.