Inspirational Visit from Poet Theresa Lola

Inspirational Visit from Poet Theresa Lola

The Brunel International African Poetry Prize-winner Theresa Lola visited Benenden, bringing with her warmth, energy and a wealth of knowledge. 

Beginning the session from an advertising perspective (Theresa founded the Brand Development Agency Storyvive), she discussed brand messaging and storytelling broadening the role of poetry, and how it features in some of our most well-known brands.

Theresa also ran a lunchtime seminar with a group of creative writers from across the School. Benenden is delighted that after her performance at the Royal Festival Hall, she will return in October and perform as part of its Poetry Festival events.

Theresa’s work explores themes of self discovery, transformation and cultural heritage and she spoke with the Fifths (Year 10s) about the writing process and how to approach a poem.

In 2022 one of her poems was added to the GCSE English Literature syllabus and a combination of this and her Masters in Creative Writing from University of Oxford made her perfectly placed to raise a discussion on the theme: Why Are We Afraid of Poetry?