Ambassador’s Illuminating Middle East Lecture

Ambassador’s Illuminating Middle East Lecture

Upper Fifth (Year 11) Historians were recently joined remotely by Mr Philip Hall OBE, who works for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, currently as Ambassador to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Hall used his extensive knowledge of the Middle Eastern region to guide students through some of the main issues in the Israel-Gaza conflict, explaining some of the historical context behind the ongoing hostilities.

The event was also opened to other Year 11 students who were interested in learning more about relations in the region. One such student, Melaniya, said: “From the perspective of someone that doesn’t take History, I found the talk extremely useful. It helped me understand the Middle East conflict in much more detail, and I now feel able to comprehend the news more clearly.

“It was a fantastic opportunity to attend the talk. It is important to be educated on major world issues and historical events, whether you take History as a subject or not, so talks like this are very helpful to create a better understanding.”