Benenden  Society

We are honoured that Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal is President of the Benenden Society.

The Society encompasses our community of Parents, Seniors, Former Parents, Honorary Seniors (former members of staff) and Friends. The Benenden Society enables us to engage with our community in a variety of ways. Benenden Society events provide an opportunity for thanking our donors in person and, at larger events, the whole community can join together to celebrate our connections to each other through the School.

The Society produces a six-monthly newsletter and has an online home in Benenden Connects which provides a platform for information sharing and mentoring support for the Society. Seniors and Parents can sign up to events, there is a business directory and a Job Board for the benefit of all. Recent publications are hosted in digital form and the newsfeed provides an opportunity for sharing useful items with the community.

Our generous donors are recognised within the Society with membership of our groups of Patrons.
The President’s Circle are those who have given over £100,000 to our Centenary Vision Campaigns. Gold Patrons have supported at a level of £50,000 or more, with Silver Patrons giving over £10,000 and Patrons who have given over £1,000. Every donation is important to the School and we are extremely grateful to all including those at Supporter level in the Society. Visit here:


Benenden School  Seniors’ Association

In 1974, as the School turned 50, the then Chair of the Benenden School Seniors’ Association (BSSA) wrote ‘the purpose of the Association has always been to enable Seniors to keep in contact with one another and the School’. Reaching our centenary year 50 years later, the guiding principle remains the same. The BSSA works in conjunction with the School to host a range of exciting events for Seniors, including reunions, industry-specific networking events, annual Advent Services and regional gatherings in the UK and overseas.

Each year, all Seniors are sent a copy of The Senior magazine which is fully funded by the BSSA. Seniors contribute life updates, write extended articles, and share their experiences which are then read all over the world by our global alumnae community. Seniors also receive discounts for social club memberships and can apply for the eXtend, eXcel, eXplore award, which provides financial support to Seniors of any age seeking to improve themselves or contribute to the wider community through academic projects, voluntary work, courses, expeditions, or re-training to return to work or change career direction.

Through our dedicated website Benenden Connects and via the Seniors’ Officer (funded by Benenden School), Seniors can connect and reconnect no matter where they are. You might be looking for work experience or wish to network with someone in your industry. Perhaps you are travelling and looking for a local connection or are just keen to reunite with an old Benenden friend and catch up.

Wherever and whoever you are, Seniors are all united by the common and shared experience of Benenden. Spanning 100 years now, Benenden has provided the context of so many individuals’ formative years. We hope all Seniors feel valued members of our incredible community and continue to keep in touch and be engaged with their School.

Contact the Seniors’ Officer, Karen Barradell, at


Today’s Benenden Angels are a growing number of Seniors and Honorary Seniors who are helping to support Benenden in the future by leaving a gift in their Will to the School. By leaving a legacy gift to Benenden, they are helping secure the future of the School, contributing to our ambition to create an endowment fund; supporting our bursaries and partnerships work; and improving facilities and resources to help create the broadest possible experience for Benenden students. By remembering Benenden in your Will, you will be helping us provide an inspiring education to pupils for years to come by ensuring we enter our second century with the ability to continue to actively invest in the future of young women.

If you would like more information on leaving a legacy gift to Benenden, please contact Hannah Thackwray, Head of Philanthropy, on or 01580 236701.