Students’ Success in Linguistic Olympiad


The Modern Languages department is thrilled to announce the results of the 2022 UK Linguistic Olympiad Advanced competition.Earlier in the year, 10 students in the Sixth Form took the test which lasted 2 hours 30 minutes.

This year, the languages included Korowai and Harwai, as well as Mazateco, a tonal language used in the Oaxaca region in Mexico.The ability displayed by all the competing students was highly impressive, and even the supposedly easier problems they faced proved to be very challenging.Many of Benenden’s competitors had also taken part in the Maths Challenge, and some reported that the Olympiad problems were at least as difficult as the Maths ones.

Many congratulations to Nicole, who achieved a Silver award, and to Varya, who was awarded Bronze. The School looks forward to taking part in future Linguistic Olympiads for the younger students.