Students Experiment with new Datalogging Devices

Students Experiment with new Datalogging Devices

To support development of data interpretation and analysis, the Chemistry Department has expanded its range of Vernier datalogging devices for use in lessons at all levels.

To add to our already wide-ranging capabilities to collect real time information from pH meters, conductivity probes and pressure sensors to name a few, this week we took delivery of some new models of colorimeter and temperature probe.

These most recent devices are Bluetooth enabled, negating the need for messy (and occasionally hazardous) wires and will communicate with any student device – laptops, tablets, even phones.

The Lower Fifth class pictured are using temperature probes. More than just a digital thermometer, these will feed live data to an app which records the measurements. The experiment pictured is collecting data of the heating and cooling curve of Stearic acid.

Not only did the students enjoy being the first to try the new technology in their lessons, they were also thrilled to see the computer carry out the cumbersome task of drawing a graph for dozens of data points!