Students Enjoy an Evening With The Red Shepherdess


Hannah Jackson – aka The Red Shepherdess – has become renowned for thriving in a male-dominated workplace after giving up the city lifestyle in Liverpool to become a sheep farmer in Cumbria. She has won multiple awards, become a bestselling author, is a regular in the media and even conquered the gruelling SAS: Who Dares Wins course.

On Tuesday Hannah shared her inspiring story with the School when she was interviewed by Six One Charlotte. Charlotte tells us what she learned from the evening:

“On Tuesday, I had the honour of interviewing Hannah Jackson, also known as the Red Shepherdess, alongside Mrs Price via Teams, where she spoke about how she got into farming and her experience of becoming a farmer in Cumbria.

“Despite facing many challenges, such as gender stereotypes in the agricultural industry, where she was not taken seriously as a female farmer in such a male-dominated industry, as well as online trolling on social media, it was really inspiring to see how her passion for animals and taking care of them overrides all the challenges she faced.

“Hannah talked about the importance of sustainable farming and the jobs and duties that come with being a farmer, which was extremely insightful as we all now know a lot more about how the agricultural industry works and what a farmer does daily.

“Throughout the interview, Hannah’s confidence and devotion to what she does really inspired me to follow and continue doing what I’m passionate about, and I’m sure everyone who heard her speak feels the same. Not only did Hannah gave us a real insight into her daily life as a farmer in Cumbria and her journey that led her to farming, we got to hear about her practices in the farm such as what she does to make sure she farms sustainably. Hannah’s story was very compelling and I’m sure that we all learnt a lot from her!”