Students Embrace Enquiry-Based Learning

Students Embrace Enquiry-Based Learning

Students have enjoyed a range of fun projects and activities during their off-timetable Enquiry Days, exploring everything from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the rise of Artificial Intelligence.

The Fourths and Upper Fourths (Years 7 and 8) teamed up for their days to deliver presentations on the themes of Change and Around the World.

Split into groups and assigned one of six different geographic regions, pupils examined the last 50 years of change in the area they’d been given, focusing particularly on the subtopics of environment, rights and security – a highlight included a song about the fall of the Berlin Wall. The following day, pupils then had to pitch their proposed solutions to the issues they’d explored before in a Dragons’ Den-style format.

The Lower Fifths (Year 9s) looked into anti-radicalisation on their first Enquiry Day, enjoying workshops on topics from conspiracy theories to radicalising literature to logical fallacies. On the next day, they looked at the theme of leadership, listening to insightful talks and taking part in fun workshops and competitive team challenges.

Finally, the Fifths (Year 10s) had a future-focused theme for their Enquiry Days, beginning with a look at the future of food from a sustainability perspective. Students teamed up to come up with a new food product or service that they later pitched to a panel of judges. The next day, students looked at the opportunities and risks posed by increasingly ubiquitous AI technology, including a look at the web tool Teachable Machine. On their last day, they focused on finance, learning about accounts, bonds and stocks as they thought about saving for the future.