Students Discuss Excellent GCSE Results


Benenden GCSE students have spoken about their excitement finding out their results on what was a record day for the School – attaining the highest set of grades since the reformed GCSEs were introduced in 2017.

Our top performer, Sarah Witheridge , earned 12 Level 9 GCSEs (introduced as the highest possible grade as part of the reforms) and one Level 8. Asked how she was feeling this morning, Sarah replied: “I am feeling very relieved about my results. I worked hard, but you never know what happens in the actual exam! I am very grateful to all my teachers.”

Looking to the future, Sarah added: “I’ve chosen Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, and Physics for A Level, as I like the logical approach you can take to those subjects. I am planning on continuing Latin and Greek on the side as well. I’d love to study Physics at university.”

Tilly Dymock , who achieved 12 Level 9 grades, said: “I wasn’t expecting my grades to be that good. Some exams I panicked about afterwards, so I was really happy to see my results.

“I’m excited to go on and study Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Geography at A Level. My ultimate goal is to be a civil engineer.”

Annabel Airey was excited to find out she had achieved 11 Level 9 GCSEs while away at Reading Festival. She said: “I was delighted and relieved that my results reflected my hard work over the course of the two years studying for my GCSEs. After all the headlines about the exam boards reducing the grade averages, nobody knew what to expect so it was a welcome surprise when my results came through.

“I have chosen to study Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Geography at A level. I am interested in studying Economics at university and would like to pursue a career in private equity.”

Artemis Grant also achieved 11 Level 9 GCSEs, and was away with family in France when the results were released. She said: “I feel very happy and relieved. I hoped I had done well, but I really wasn’t sure and got increasingly nervous as results day loomed.”

She added that she plans to study A Levels in History, Politics and Latin at Benenden.

Having earned 12 Level 9 GCSEs, Charlotte Lesslar said about her results: “I feel extremely accomplished and I’m in slight disbelief! It was definitely a pleasant surprise! They turned out far better than I expected.”

“By constantly pushing myself to work harder and after receiving support from my parents, sister and all my teachers, I managed to these good grades!”

Audrey Lee earned 10 Level 9 GCSEs, and said: “I’m delighted with my results, and I’m very grateful to all my teachers for the support they’ve given me – I never would have been able to do as well as I did without their help! I’ve always set high expectations for myself, but my results exceeded them!

“I’ve chosen Maths, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics as my A Levels. I’m interested in studying Medicine at university, and I would love to pursue a career as a doctor in the future.”

Shanessa Mak also achieved 10 Level 9s and said: “I’m very pleased about my results – they were unexpected!”

On her plans going forward, she added: “I’m taking Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths, and I’m planning to study medicine in the future.”

Helena Rajaratnam achieved 9 Level 9 GCSEs and one Level 8 and said: “I was quite shocked. I was really hoping to do well so I’m really happy today after seeing my results.

“I’m excited to get back to School and start my A Levels. I’m going to be studying Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Geography. I’d like to study Computer Science at university, so that’s what I’m working towards.”

Maddy Warnes , who also achieved 9 Level 9s and one Level 8 said: “Obviously I’m pleased with my results, even my 8 in Maths — though ironically my Dad is a Maths teacher!

“I’ve really enjoyed a lot of my subjects, but I’m taking my four favourites forward for A-level: Latin, French, English and Geography. I don’t know where that will lead me yet. For now I’m studying topics I like best.”