Girls Turn Filmmakers!

Girls Turn Filmmakers!

For two days at the end of Spring Term the Upper Fourth were putting together short documentaries as part of their Diploma theme of Hatch, Match and Dispatch.

This followed their Enquiry sessions earlier in the term when they were working in role as anthropologists, researching the birth, marriage and death rituals in six different cultures across the world: this is part of this term’s Diploma theme on Rites and Celebrations.

They have worked with a professional TV and internet documentary maker, Mike Hacker, and used the research they conducted in groups earlier in the term to select entertaining and informative facts and then had to decide how best these could be communicated in documentary form. They then wrote scripts, made films and edited them, learning some new technical media and computing skills as well as refining their skills of resourcefulness and collaboration.

The films will be shown at the end of the Summer Term. Having viewed some of the initial edited documentaries, Mr Hacker told us that some of the work the girls had produced was extremely impressive and superior to that of some professional documentary-makers!