Benenden girls celebrate stunning GCSE results

Benenden girls celebrate stunning GCSE results

Two girls from Benenden School who picked up 20 Level 9s between them in today’s GCSE results have revealed their joy at their amazing achievements.

Kate Gouriet (above left) achieved ten Level 9s and an A in Further Maths, which is graded under the old system.

Kate , however, had a novel way to escape the stresses of thinking about her results. She said: “I was actually on a plane last night, I had been in Hong Kong, and I got back home at 6.00am this morning, so I really only started thinking about the results this morning!”

Once she saw the results the enormity of her achievements sank in. She said: “It was overwhelming, I was shocked. The results were better than I have ever dreamt of. I was really happy and pleased that all the hard work was worth it. It was a lovely surprise.”

Kate is going on to study Chemistry, Biology, Philosophy and Religion and Maths at A Level here at Benenden and already has an idea of the career path she might like to take in the future. “Long term I think I would like to go into Science or Medicine, I did work experience in a hospital a few weeks ago and loved it , ” she said.

Benenden pupil Rachael Mak (above right) achieved ten Level 9s, a Level 8 grade and an A* in Further Maths which is graded under the old system.

Rachael, who lives in Hong Kong, said: “I was a bit nervous because there’s a time difference so I’ve been up all morning – I just wanted it all over as soon as possible!”

Her Level 9 in English was her most satisfying result. She said: “I found English and History the most challenging subjects in the beginning of Fifths as I wasn’t sure how to prepare for those exams.”

Rachael added: “I’m really grateful for these two years. In Geography for example, I learnt so much more about what’s happening in the world, more than just what’s been in the course, and I’ve really enjoyed my subjects. I thought I hated History at first but it’s actually really interesting!”

Asked how she achieved such results, she said: “I made lots of notes and planned lots of questions that might come up – that was my main revision strategy.”

She added: “My parents are really pleased. The night before I got the results they said not to worry about it so it wasn’t as stressful as it could have been.”

Rachael will stay at Benenden for Sixth Form.