Celebrating Benenden’s Diploma Graduates

Celebrating Benenden’s Diploma Graduates

After two years of enquiry-based study, co-curricular contributions and commitment to life in a boarding community, the Upper Fourths (Year 8s) were delighted to graduate with their Benenden Diplomas during a ceremony at the weekend.

In her welcoming address, Headmistress Samantha Price said: “The wonderful thing is that you’ve all got your certificates in a really enquiry-based, creative two-year programme of study, and I can assure you that you don’t get that in every school. It’s much more interesting!

“It’s really helped you to develop the skills that you’re going to need going into your GCSEs.”

In their Houses, pupils then gave well-researched and confidently delivered presentations that summarised the topics and themes that had directed their last two years of study. Finally, students were called to the stage to receive their Diploma certificates.

The Diploma was first introduced to Benenden’s Lower School curriculum eight years ago, and is designed to highlight common threads and themes across distinct subjects. It is a progressive programme, helping pupils to think in a connected way and inspiring interest across all subjects.

Themes that have been explored in past years have included identity, journeys, change and rites and celebrations. Moving forward, the Diploma will transition from a thematic to a more skills-based approach as part of the School’s renewed centenary curriculum.