Benenden Launches Electives Programme


As part of its commitment to A Complete Education, the School is delighted to have recently launched its brand-new electives programme for the Lower School and Sixth Form.

While the School recognises the great importance of certificated courses and celebrates the achievements of its A Level and GCSE students, it also realises that not every aspect of education needs to be or should necessarily be assessed by way of exams and qualifications. For this reason, the electives programme steps outside the confines of syllabus and curriculum and embraces learning for the love of learning, revelling in the inherent value of knowledge.

Students rotate through a wide range of esoteric courses (69 in total), ranging from the practical, such as An Introduction to Investments or British Sign Language, to the more curious, such as Decrypting Crosswords, Meteorology, and Metacognition. Including Arts, Sciences, Languages, and many other areas of specialism, the choice of courses is truly diverse and reflects the wide-ranging interests of staff at Benenden.