Alina’s Silver Medal for Harvard Academic Essay

Alina’s Silver Medal for Harvard Academic Essay

Recently I took part in the Harvard International Review Academic Writing Contest. The challenge was to write a 1,200-word essay on the theme of technological advancement and the world. I wrote about the increasing proliferation of drones in military conflicts and warfare, given their amazing capabilities and cheap prices, meaning that they are accessible to smaller nations and even non-state actors. I researched its role in the future of warfare, coming to the conclusion that they are revolutionary but cannot tilt the military balance of power. 
After submitting my essay, I was invited as a finalist to the virtual defence day, where I prepared a presentation for the judges and was asked questions about the writing process. 
I am pleased to say I received a silver for my essay. The competition was very worthwhile entering as I learned so much about current affairs as well as the research process. The defence day also trained my presentation skills.

Upper Fifth (Year 11)