Speech Day  Prizes

The Micklethwaite Art Prize                  

Established in 1992 for effort and achievement in Art.

The Design and Technology Cup      

Mavis Leapman Cup for Drama        

Awarded anually to the best actor and/or technician.

Arabella McDonald figurine for character acting   

Given by Mr and Mrs McDonald in 2001 in memory of Arabella.

Jessamy James Essay Prize                  

Given by Mr Marshall, grandfather of Jessamy. Awarded for the best essay on one of a number of subjects (1931).

Elizabeth Hilliard Award for Creative Writing            

This award was established in 1978.

The Jowitt Prize for Languages          

Donated by Lady Jowitt in memory of Earl Jowitt of Stevenage (1960).

Rena Rodopoulous Prize for Greek 

Southern Shelley History Prize          

The Chandler Humanities Prize        

Awarded to a Sixth Former who has achieved excellent across a range of Arts subjects.

The Cameron Prize for Mathematics              

Kitching Babalakin Prize for MUN    

Donated by Vanessa Kitching and Aisha Babalakin and their families (2011). Awarded for commitment to Model United Nations (MUN).

Montgomery Award for Junior Music             

Presented by Sarah Montgomery.

Smith Cup for Senior Music                

The Baker Prize for Music                      

Awarded to a performing musician for her musicality and contribution to the musical life of the School.

Laura Maurice Victrix Ludorum Cup for Sport         

Awarded to the student most outstanding at sports.

Vanessa Lloyd-Davies Science Award awarded to best all-round scientist in Fifth        

Awarded to best all-round scientist in Fifth.

Lloyd-Davies Science Prize for most outstanding results over the two year A Level course across the sciences.                         

For most outstanding results over the two-year A Level course across the sciences (1985).

The Grootenhuis EPQ Award               

For an outstanding project, donated by Felicity Grootenhuis (1972). From 2017 this is awarded for the best science-based EPQ.

The Peter Lewis Young Scientist of the Year Prize  

For the best young scientist of the year (in Fourth and Upper Fourth).

Lower School Sports Prize    

For outstanding contribution to Sport.

Middle School Sports Prize                  

For outstanding contribution to Sport.

The Pearson Cup for Study Skills     

For personal achievement.

STEM Ambassador Award                    

This award was designed and created by Neville Crouch who was Director of STEM at Benenden. It recognizes the student who has contributed to developing enthusiasm and passion for STEM across the School (2021).

The Prakash Shield                                    

For all-round excellence in Fifth.

The Driver Cup                                             

For contributions to the life of the School in Fourth, Upper Fourth or Lower Fifth.

The Pippa Nevard Cup                                            

Presented to the School in the name of Pippa Nevard, who was a student here until 1991 and is given as a recognition of spirit, character or perseverance. It will normally be awarded to someone not yet in the Sixth Form.

The Devereux Prizes (The Lily Devereux Prize and The  Wong Wong Lo Fong Prize)              

Awarded to up to two pupils in Fifth or below who have shown consistent care and service to others.

The Cherry Environmental Prize        

Awarded to a pupil who has led the School in environmental activities and concerns, encouraging others through her contribution and raising community awareness of environmental issues.

The Greenfield Community Cup       

For a student who has shown care and service to the whole school community.

The Goolden Prize                                      

For a student in Upper Fifth who fulfils ‘A Complete Education’. She puts everything into a broad range of opportunities that the School offers, and does so with a great sense of humour. She does not have to be a star, but one who does things with enthusiasm and brings a sense of fun to what she does. A girl who anyone would like to have ‘on their team’.

The Bateman Performance Arts Award        

For excellence across several arts disciplines.

The Amber Atherton Award     

For entrepreneurial initiative (2021).

Harry Salmon Award for Enterprise                               

Awarded by Harry Salmon, ex Council member, husband of a Benenden Senior and Benenden parent and grandparent. This prize is awarded to an individual or team who has shown exceptional skills of enterprise, business acumen, teamwork and employability qualities during their time at School.

The Fuller Prize

A substantial cheque awarded to a member of Six Two who is a good all-rounder, good at academics, music, games and the arts.

Sacha and Susannah Stephen Award

For a girl, normally one about to leave School, with real strength of character, who has shown uncommon endeavour, enterprise or endurance or who has succeeded against the odds or given outstanding service to others.