We understand that:

1. registration of the candidate as a prospective pupil does not secure the candidate a place at the School but does ensure that the candidate will be considered for selection as a pupil at the School;

2. if the candidate is offered a place at the School, such an offer will be subject to the School’s terms and conditions for the provision of educational services1 , which will bind us (as the holders of parental responsibility for her) in the event (and from the moment) that we accept the place;

3. if the candidate is offered a place at the School, such an offer will be subject to us confirming that the candidate has the right to enter, live and study in the United Kingdom. If the candidate requires sponsorship for a Student Visa in order to comply with the School’s responsibilities as a registered Student Visa sponsor, we consent to the School notifying and/or supplying information relating to us and/or the candidate’s right to enter, reside and/ or study in the United Kingdom to the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (UKVI) unit of the Home Office;

4. the School may request from the candidate’s present school or educational institution: (a) information and a reference in respect of the candidate; and/or (b) information about any outstanding fees and/or supplemental charges; and I/We have read the Terms and Conditions.

How we may use personal information The School may process personal data about you (or either of you) and the candidate, including sensitive personal data such as medical details in accordance with data protection law for the purposes of: (i) administering its list of prospective pupils; (ii) its registration, selection and/or admission procedures, including as set out above; and (iii) communicating with the parents of prospective pupils about the School and generally managing relationships between the School and its prospective pupils. Even if the candidate is not offered a place at the School, we retain information about prospective pupils and their parents for a period. Please let Director of Finance and Operations know if you have any questions or concerns about this. Further information about how the School processes personal data is set out in the School’s Privacy Notice, which is on the School’s website and is otherwise available from the School at any time upon request.