Olympic Gold Medallist Gives Hockey Masterclasses

Olympic Gold Medallist Gives Hockey Masterclasses

Pupils were delighted to be joined by three-time hockey Olympian Steve Batchelor for some recent coaching sessions.

Steve ran three masterclasses with our Hockey players, giving demonstrations and tuition benefitting our keen field players and goalkeepers.

He also brought with him his gold and bronze Olympic medals, to the delight of the students, as well as the tracksuits he wore for his three Olympic games.

In the evening scholars were able to question Steve on his stellar sporting career in both Hockey and Tennis, over a delicious meal.

Steve talked at length about many aspects of performance in sport, including extensive mental preparation, the value of enjoying your sport and the importance of fostering a strong team spirit.

He also spoke of his recent run in the London Marathon, raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK in support of his Olympic teammate, Imran Sherwani, who is sadly afflicted by the disease.

Steve said that this was physically the most challenging feat he has come up against so far, but that the motivation to support his teammate and close friend carried him through.