Lower School Plays Light up the Stage

Lower School Plays Light up the Stage

This week Fourth and Upper Fourth pupils are performing four different productions.

The girls will be taking to the stage this week to perform Smashing the Slipper, which is four  tales originating from Europe, retold for the modern day. These include Cinderella, The Girl Who Went to the North Wind, Jadeite (and the Seven Stone Masons), and The Squire’s Bride. These stories have been adapted to level the playing field for women, by placing female characters in control of their own narratives.

Since October the cast and crew have worked incredibly hard to create this show. Due to the lockdown, the original February performance dates were postponed and rehearsals moved online throughout January and February. Unfortunately, due to some cast members continuing to work remotely some roles had to be recast  – meaning that some cast members learned extra roles overnight!

The pupils have been a joy to work with throughout rehearsals due to their talent, commitment and their determination to make this show a success. The final show has largely been put together since returning to School on 8 March, so it is quite a feat that the girls have achieved!