Goodwill Ambassador’s Stirring Sixth Form Lecture

Goodwill Ambassador’s Stirring Sixth Form Lecture

Benenden was delighted to welcome President of the China-United States Exchange Foundation and WHO Goodwill Ambassador James Chau to speak to the Sixth Form as part of the School’s Flex Lecture series.

Despite the eight hour time difference, James joined virtually from Beijing to discuss his extraordinary career and life.

He spoke about finding your purpose in life and exploring what you enjoy doing and what makes you tick. He also explained how, for him, a successful career in broadcast journalism wasn’t enough, and emphasised the importance of public service. He encouraged the students to ‘look up’, both literally, away from the pull of digital devices, and figuratively. 

Having delivered a truly inspirational talk, James answered some excellent questions from students on subjects including the future of Hong Kong, how Covid impacted the already strained relations between China and the US, the future of journalism and the development of treatments for HIV and changing attitudes towards sufferers. 

Born in London, James began his career in television reporting on world events, including the 9/11 attacks, and presenting programmes on China Central Television and BBC World News. He has earned a special reputation for his interviews with world leaders in politics, science and culture.