Girls help tutor underprivileged children in Nairobi

Girls help tutor underprivileged children in Nairobi

Children in disadvantaged countries are getting help from Benenden students, thanks to a Six One student.

Ella Woolhouse has set up a Benenden society of EdClub, a UK organisation that works with children in poorer countries by helping tutor them via Skype. There are 45 members in Edclub within the School, in years ranging from Fifth to Six Two.

On Tuesday Tasha Ely, the EdClub coordinator, came into Benenden to perform a demonstration for a group of girls. They skyped a girl in Nairobi called Esther, helped her with her times tables, did some number bonds with her and then danced to some music at the end!

The idea is that with the extra tutoring help they get from EdClub members, alongside their normal school studies, the students in these poorer countries will be able to move out of poverty and get better jobs.

Last month the society raised £802 through a Krispy Kreme sale which will go towards rebuilding three homes in Nairobi which recently burnt down.

This is an extremely worthwhile initiative for all concerned so many congratulations to Ella for establishing this society.

You can find out more about EdClub here .

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