Benenden Introducing a Fourths’ Boarding House

Benenden Introducing a Fourths’ Boarding House

The past year has presented an opportunity for Benenden to re-evaluate some of its operations, and the School is excited to reveal a permanent change to its boarding model.

Following careful consideration, from September a boarding house exclusively for the Fourths will be established – allowing the entire year group to enjoy their first year at Benenden together.

A dedicated House for the Fourths is a system that the School has been considering introducing for many years. The positive experience of the Fourths this year, when horizontal boarding has been a necessity due to Covid restrictions, has reaffirmed the decision to launch this new boarding house – with the pastoral benefits for the incoming Fourths clear to see.

Only the Fourths will be living together as a year group; the firm intention is that from September, the other year groups will return to the usual vertical boarding model, with different year groups in each House.

We asked some of the Fourths about their experiences of living together this year, and they were overwhelmingly positive about spending their first year at Benenden in a Fourths’ boarding house.

“It’s so nice to be with every single person in your year,” said Fourth pupil Bea. “We’ve played lots of games like Capture the Flag, we’ve made music videos together – we’ve just had so much fun.”

Ebun added: “I thought it was really great having all the Fourths in one House, it made it really easy to get to know everyone.”

Connie said: “When I walk around House I usually see my friends doing their Mandarin prep together. It’s really helpful to have your friends from your class in House as you can all help each other.”

Lauralie added: “I think the transition to a vertical boarding house will be much easier next year as I already feel like I am a part of the school.”