Benenden Celebrates Earth Day

Benenden Celebrates Earth Day

At the end of the Spring Term Benenden held our first Earth Day. A student lead initiative to celebrate the natural world and consider how we, as a school and as individuals, can change our everyday actions to help the planet.

Girls pledged these changes on blackboards which will be hung around School as a reminder of the promises that have been made to be more eco-friendly. These included taking shorter showers, reducing meat consumption and buying from second-hand clothes shops. Throughout the week sustainable meals were served for lunch and dinner that had considerably lower carbon footprints.

In the evening, the School’s Eco Committee were honoured to host four incredible guest speakers(pictured above)from conservation and environmental backgrounds for a panel discussion answering questions such as ‘What would you say to a climate change denier?’ and ‘How are we going to deal with the escalating water crisis in the coming years?’

The day was a great success.