Aerodynamic Explorations on Model Rocket Car Day

Aerodynamic Explorations on Model Rocket Car Day

After finishing their end of year exams, the Fourth (Year 7s) continued the annual tradition of taking part in the Benenden Model Rocket Car Day, a fantastic STEM event that brings together elements of Science, Creative Technology, Computer Science and Maths.

Pupils also benefitted this year from a visiting team from Gordon Murray Design, including Benenden Senior Izzy (Ma/B2014). The team gave an introduction to aerodynamics, as well as a careers talk on engineering later on.

Between these talks, pupils in groups designed and built model cars out of modelling foam, making use of backsaws, abrasive paper and hot glue guns. The design ideas were amazing, and the team of visitors spent time with each group talking about their concepts and helping them realise their visions.

After lunch, pupils gathered at the tennis courts for the launch of the rocket cars, this time powered by carbon dioxide canisters rather than the model rocket motors of previous years.

While the top speeds were slightly slower than previous occasions, they did have a more reliable launch process. This year the top speed was just over 22 miles per hour!