11+ Fourths Award Programme


11+ Fourths Award Programme for September 2019

The 11+ Fourths Award Programme exists to fund places for girls who could not otherwise afford to take up a place at Benenden School. For September 2019 Benenden School is pleased to offer one or more places to enter the Fourth Form (11+ or Year 7).

These up-to 100% free places are means tested and will enable a far broader range of talented girls to come to Benenden. Where necessary, the School can also provide a Fourths Award holder with an additional allowance to fund uniform and other extras. Each award lasts for the full seven years of a pupil’s school career at Benenden, subject to annual review.

Girls in Year Six of the following local primary schools are eligible to apply (a 7.5 mile radius of Benenden School):

Interested parties should contact the Director of Admissions on 01580 240592 or registry@benenden.school for further details by the deadline of 26 November 2018.