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Benenden Boarding brings enormous benefits for your daughter: she has the time and space to try new activities, she develops great social and emotional skills, and makes friends for life. 


All pupils are welcome to spend Saturday nights away from School if they choose to – returning on either Sunday night or Monday morning – with the exception of two weekends each term (the first and final weekends for all pupils, and the first weekend after Half Term for Fourth to Upper Fifth).

We find that this approach allows families greater flexibility, however our Housemasters and Housemistresses are always happy to discuss weekend options with girls and parents so that the arrangements work for everyone.

The Weekend

A boarding school needs an active and attractive Weekend Programme and here at Benenden there’s always something exciting happening. The Weekend Programme is an unrivalled array of socials, outings, creative, physical and cultural activities – and great fun!

Students are able to try new activities, visit fascinating places they otherwise may not see, expand their skillset by earning professional qualifications and widen their cultural and social horizons, all while having a great time with their friends. It’s no wonder that on any given weekend, two thirds of students decide to stay in School!

A series of activities are undertaken with boys’ schools, including the very popular socials, dinners and discos. Taking part in the Weekend Programme is all included in the School fee, as is all travel to and from the venues.

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