The School Day

Day students follow the same structure of the day as a boarder, with the exception being that they may go home after lessons end at 5.30pm. Many girls stay well beyond this time to take part in our extensive co-curricular programme and other activities.

Day students are very welcome to join us for breakfast and/or supper seven days a week, if they wish. When they arrive at School they will go to their House for registration and to meet up with friends before heading off to Prayers/Tutor time.

Benenden’s week extends into the weekend with lessons on a Saturday morning until 11.00am followed by our ‘sport for all’ programme of matches. Once Saturday commitments are completed, including sport matches, day students may go home for the weekend.

The exception to this is the first and last weekend of each term when all pupils, including day students, are in School for what we call closed weekends. A closed weekend will involve fun activities, usually an inter-House competition, which are fiercely competed at Benenden! These weekends are important for team building and bonding experiences as well as spending time together as a community.