Gender Pay Gap at Benenden


The Gender Pay Gap Report is a measure of the difference in pay between the average hourly earnings of male and female staff.

The mean average gender pay gap at Benenden School is 17.4% and the median average is 36.6%.

"Mean" is the figure that is determined by adding all the numbers and dividing the result by how many numbers are in the list. The "median" is the middle value in the list of numbers, when the numbers are listed in numerical order from smallest to largest.

Benenden School is committed to equal pay and all staff are paid equally for like work regardless of gender throughout the School.

Teaching staff are remunerated on an incremental pay scale which rewards them for their professional performance and their level of experience.

Support staff pay is determined via a process of job evaluation which is benchmarked against market rates to ensure that pay correctly reflects the value and complexity of their role.

Further Details

Benenden School employs 72.9% female staff and 27.1% male staff and the pay gap reflects the composition of staff and their roles across the school.

For the Senior Management Team female staff are paid 33.6% higher than males and for those in Middle Management, females are paid 7.7% higher than males on the mean pay gap and 3.8% higher on the median pay gap.  This is due to the nature of their roles, the responsibility they carry and the balance of females to males appointed to these positions.

It should also be noted that these figures include the Salary Sacrifice reduced rates; at the School, more female staff take the opportunity to take pension salary sacrifice and/or childcare vouchers and this has distorted the figures with 45 females to 12 males having their salaries adjusted in this way.

Bonuses were paid to a total of 13 people (nine females and four males). The median female bonus is £500, and the median male bonus is £259.

The lower quartiles are dominated by part time, term time and flexible working roles which appeal to those with family caring responsibilities outside of the workplace. Generally, within society as a whole, women are more likely to have caring responsibilities, and this influences our statistics. Benenden School is committed to supporting staff in achieving a work / life balance which works for them and the School.

All staff are employed by Benenden School whereas in other schools, domestic staff and peripatetic staff are contracted through an external provider or self-employed. We believe in all staff being given the same employment rights and benefits.

Benenden School is committed to continuously reviewing opportunities for all staff to progress in their career regardless of gender or any protected characteristic.

I can confirm that the pay gap figures above are accurate.

Martin Lander
Martin Lander
Director of Finance and Operations