Winners of The Atherton Award for Entrepreneurial Spirit

05 Aug 2022
Careers, General

Atherton Award

The Atherton Award for Entrepreneurial Spirit was recently awarded to Fifths (Year 10s) Madison and Amelia for their sustainable aquaponics model.

Although their project was still in development it was felt that they were deserving winners, as they demonstrated genuine entrepreneurial spirit in their quest to improve on current systems.
Amber Atherton – successful entrepreneur and Benenden Senior – said: "I'm thrilled to recognize Madison and Amelia's entrepreneurial spirit with their efforts to create a more sustainable aquaponics model.

"Embracing your curiosity in looking at a system that already works and seeing where it might be broken is a simple premise which many billion dollar businesses have been built upon.

"Starting with why, and having the courage to explore the answer can lead you to disrupt the status quo and create something that revolutionises an industry.

"Madison and Amelia used sprints to make their workflow more manageable, a staple of silicon valley working methods and demonstrated a persistence that is an essential trait for every successful entrepreneur. Congratulations!"
Madison and Amelia's prize was £500 to spend on developing their idea further, a trophy and coaching with Amber Atherton herself.