Sugar Rush! Girls Explore Jelly Bean Probabilities

12 Apr 2021

Girls with jelly beans


Before the end of term, the Fourths (Year 7) had great fun learning about probabilities using jelly beans.

Each pair of students were given a bag of jelly beans, but not every pair got the same number of beans! The girls were shocked to find that, even from the same manufacturer, there was up to a nine-bean discrepancy between the lowest and the highest in each bag. 

Pupils counted out their jelly beans and recorded their number. They then separated their jelly beans by colour and graphed the results, which helped them answer the probability questions using the probability scale terms that they have learned.

The last question was a “trick” question that assessed if they truly understood the idea of probability. Of course, they were then allowed to eat the jelly beans when the lesson was completed!