Students Host ‘Ask me Anything’ Talk with Professor Sabina Knight

14 May 2021

Professor Sabina Knight

This week a student society that promotes and celebrates the Asian cultures in Benenden hosted an AMA (ask me anything) talk with Professor Sabina Knight.

Six One students Blanche and Cheryl reveal their highlights from the evening:

“Professor Knight is a Chinese-English translator, a professor of Chinese literature and comparative literature at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, and a writer best known for her book Chinese Literature: A Very Short Introduction.
“Her talk covered several broad topics, ranging from the feminist movements around the world and medical humanities, to the relationship between politics, literature, and philosophy. She also shared her experience as a fellow in the Public Intellectuals Program (PIP) of the National Committee on US-China relations and gave some suggestions for learning modern languages.
“This talk was not only a great introduction to a different kind of literature, but also gave us some insights into how literature is related to contemporary political and social issues. 
“In the future, we are very much hoping to host more events to celebrate diversity at Benenden.”