Sixth Formers Interview BBC Presenter

17 Dec 2020

Mishal Husain

This term Six Twos Dara and JB interviewed renowned BBC presenter Mishal Husain in a live virtual event.

This was a follow-up to a shorter interview the two girls conducted with Mrs Husain last month as part of the GSA Conference. Wednesday’s event was a fascinating evening and Dara and JB did a brilliant job of exploring a range of issues with Mrs Husain, including the concept of confidence, advice for women in the workplace, how to get into journalism, the definition of success and tips for dealing with nerves.

Much of what Mrs Husain had to talk about perfectly complemented the skills and knowledge that the Sixth Form in particular have been developing through the Professional Skills Programme. In addition, we were delighted to be able to distribute copies of Mrs Husain’s new book – Life Skills: How to Win at Work – to the Sixth Form on site this week to supplement the event.