Pupils Interview Composer Rupert Gregson-Williams

Pupils Interview Composer Rupert Gregson-Williams

On Friday pupils enjoyed an engaging evening with the acclaimed film music composer Rupert Gregson-Williams.

Rupert’s credits include the Oscar-nominated Hotel Rwanda and Hacksaw Ridge, the animations Over The Hedge and Bee Movie, and the blockbusters Wonder Woman and Aquaman. He also writes music for TV shows such as The Crown.

Rupert gave a talk about his career and the process of writing music for films, along with showing some examples of how he works and answering questions posed by students.

Upper Fifth pupil Caitlin thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Rupert and shared her thoughts below.

“I was very privileged to have been given the chance to interview film composer Rupert Gregson-Williams, who has composed music for films and tv series that I love.

“Throughout the interview, he introduced us to the process he goes through from getting commissioned to write music for a film, discussing it with the producer, composing it, to the music being put alongside the film in the cinemas.

“He gave us an insight into the music industry, how he deals with pressure and challenges, which surprisingly, used to be the way in which he came up with ideas and finished compositions. Through the Q&A session, he gave advice to young composers starting out, which was to develop their own sound through listening and analysing the music of others.

“Interviewing Rupert has broadened my horizons, allowed me to discover more about film scoring and understand the importance of music in a film, because, as we would all agree, a film wouldn’t be complete without the music.”