Oxford Global MUN Success

28 Nov 2019

Girls with awards

This month MUN delegates participated in Oxford Global MUN. Representing eight different countries and spread across just three committees, this was a different approach from usual, but it worked really well and all the girls, both experienced Six Ones and relatively new Fifths, all got into their stride really well, putting in tremendous performances.
Three girls were active in the Commission on the Status of Women submitting successful resolutions and making some excellent speeches. We were also represented in 
the Security Council and participated in a Future Crisis Committee set in 2050 - attempting to solve issues relating to Climate Change and Antarctica. 

Students in hall
As well as the main debate sessions, the girls also sampled an evening crisis debate which went on until midnight on Friday evening. Even though we didn’t stay for all of it, the experience of being there and having some involvement was very good.
The girls were treated to an excellent social on the Saturday night. Located in the Oxford Modern Art Gallery buildings, girls had the option of a private viewing of a very thought-provoking art exhibition before heading to the basement for a disco.
It was a fantastic and full weekend. All girls did extremely well and in the Closing Ceremony Benenden received two Outstanding Delegate Awards. Well done girls.

Girl writing