Model Rocket Cars

21 Oct 2019
General, Learning

On Thursday the Fourths, along with eight students from The John Wallis Church of England Academy, had a fun (and competitive!) day designing Model Rocket Cars.

The girls launch their rocket cars

Pupils started the day with a talk about aerodynamics and rocket motors and then designed and built their own rocket cars for the rest of the morning. 

After lunch they programmed an electronic stopwatch using the BBC Micro:bits and then it was time for the event the girls had all been waiting for... the racing of the cars!

All the hard work in the morning paid off and one of the cars recorded a speed of 51mph.

In the afternoon the girls designed a poster and ended a busy day with a Maths workshop on calculating speed. They all had fun and excelled at the design and build work.

Making rocket cars 

Making rocket cars

Girls program their rocket cars