Girls Compete in Virtual Swimming Gala


We were thrilled to host the first sporting fixture of the year last week, a virtual swimming gala. Wycombe Abbey, Downe House and Pipers Corner School all ‘joined’ us to swim against each other. Each school submitted their times for each event into a live online spreadsheet, and within seconds of races finishing the girls could see where they finished in relation to the other schools. It was wonderful for the girls to have the opportunity to compete once again and there was some exceptional swimming from all the girls.

On Wednesday we had our second virtual swimming gala of the year, and the first ever gala for the U12. The atmosphere was ecstatic and the girls were supporting each other with loud cheering for every race.

The seniors swam incredibly well too, thriving off the challenge of submitting their best time into the spreadsheet and waiting once again to see how they performed. Next week the final virtual swimming gala of the year takes place, for the U14 and U16.