Fourths Enjoy Action-Packed Enquiry Week

08 Nov 2021

Enquiry Week

Last week the Fourth enjoyed exploring the theme of identity in their first Enquiry Week since joining Benenden.

Questions they have looked at include:

  • If you lose or take up a religion, does it change your identity? What has most influence on you, nature or nurture? (Ethics and Philosophy)
  • What is a DNA profile? (Genetics)
  • What is the golden rule and how can it help you to draw a facial portrait? (Maths and Art  as seen in the photograph above!)
  • How can I devise a fitness programme for a specific individual? (Sport and Anatomy)
  • What can these fragments of text show about the identity of the authors and their historical contexts? (Literature, History, Archaeology) 

The week gave pupils a chance to work in a variety of teams, to complete challenging tasks, to set deadlines, and develop their skills of resilience, resourcefulness, reflectiveness and collaboration.
Next week the Upper Fourth have their Enquiry Week on the theme of growth, with a special look at aspects of food and the food industry.