Departing Six Twos Enjoy Final Lacrosse Match at Benenden

21 Jun 2021

Lacrosse match

We were delighted to welcome Guildford High for a Lacrosse match – a rare opportunity in recent months; it really felt good to remember the ‘buzz’ of some competitive but friendly sport.

The Six Two Lacrosse players have contributed so much to this sport at Benenden over recent years, and our season finale proved a great opportunity to showcase the huge talent and team skills of this special group. 

We had agreed to play this match in a truly friendly spirit given the circumstances, and we did not keep the score. That said, this did not impact the quality of Lacrosse and it was wonderful to be reminded of the level of play that our Six Twos are capable of. 

The quarter of Lacrosse was interspersed with parent challenges and also a short match for our Upper Fifths to recognise one of our leavers as well. The match was rounded off with opportunities for photos and some delicious brownies!

Whilst social distancing was maintained, the girls had a chance to chat briefly with Guildford players. They may have been opposition on Saturday, but it is clear from the conversations that many of them will be playing sport together in years to come as they head off to similar universities and even the same colleges at university in some cases.

Overall, it was a lovely day and hopefully a fitting tribute to these girls who will be missed in many ways, but certainly on the Lacrosse pitch. They leave a great legacy behind them!