Benenden’s Technologies and Science departments produce vital PPE equipment


Several members of staff from the School’s Technologies and Science departments have donated their time and expertise to produce vital PPE equipment for healthcare professionals.

So far, 437 visors have been made in the School’s workshop – with more set to be made over the coming days. The project has involved the donation of stationery pins from local residents, which are used to construct the visors. Head straps have also been laser cut on-site to aid the creation of the visors.

Chris Fahy, Verity-Jayne Fahy, Dave Challoner, Laura Bursey-Faulkner, Jason Bursey-Faulkner, Mark Aggery, Steve Miller, Heather Miller, Sarah Leeds, Katy Hudson and Sam Price make up the team volunteering their time to create the visors. The first batch of 100 visors were donated to the Headcorn ‘Hot Hub’, the pop-up assessment centre for those experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, on Tuesday.

Benenden School has also loaned two defibrillators to the Headcorn assessment centre, along with examination beds, pulse oximeters and various disposable supplies.

Kath Willdridge, the Senior Nurse usually based at the Medical Centre at Benenden School, is also volunteering her time to assist the local nurses and GPs at the Headcorn assessment centre, which is expected to assess more than 180 people a day when the virus reaches its peak.