Benenden Pupil’s Entrepreneurial Lockdown


During lockdown Benenden pupil Alice kept herself occupied by creating unique Echyngham layer t-shirts. With some guidance from her parents Alice, who is now in the Upper Fifth, planned the entire project, she drew the design and even negotiated with the print company on colour, price and material.

Alice explained further: “I decided that I wanted to try my hand at doing an ‘enterprise challenge’ of my own as a coping mechanism for boredom during the lockdown period. “I started by getting inspiration from the former Sixth Form enterprise challenges and then created a design for a Echyngham layer shirt. I asked my entire layer to then send me pictures of them posing so I could have a rough idea of what I was going to be working with. “Once I had everyone’s photo, I drew them all out in simple silhouette form. It took me while to get everyone’s placement, shape and final idea correct but I kept going and, in the end, really enjoyed it.”