Benenden distinguish themselves at HabsMUN

12 Apr 2018

Last month 14 Benenden MUNers travelled to Haberdasher's Askes' Boy's School for the annual HabsMUN conference. As always, a very high level of debate pervaded each committee and the girls rose to the challenge admirably.

Benenden represented USA, Venezuela and Timor-Leste across a range of committees, councils and commissions. In addition we had the honour of helping to chair the Ecology and Environment Committee.

Habsmun conference

Our three ambassadors  led their respective delegations very well. A number of particularly noteworthy delegates had their resolutions debated in committees such as Human Rights, Ecology and Environment,and Security Council. At the same time a number of girls were frustrated, at times, by not being ‘recognised’ enough when repeatedly raising their placard.

Congratulations to all those who attended, but especially to those who made significant contributions to debate.