Benenden and John Wallis Working Together


Students from Benenden and our partner school, The John Wallis Church of England Academy in Ashford, have been spending a lot of time together recently in events hosted at the respective schools.

First of all Benenden hosted 80 Year 11 students from John Wallis for a mentoring session with our Six One. Students went through study skills, revision technique and then looked at some unseen poetry and mathematical problems.

All the students were fantastic and it was great to see them reconnecting, following their mentoring last term. The camaraderie, academic merit and reciprocal benefit for all was plain to see.

Then the Upper Fourth travelled to Ashford to take part in a Languages Are Critical event.

Pupils had the opportunity to take workshops in Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Creative Translation, which were led by Benenden Modern Languages teachers.We were also lucky to have two university professors, Dr Natasha Ryan from Oxford and Dr Sara-Louise Cooper from the University of Kent, to lead two of the sessions. Dr Ryan closed the event with a talk focusing on the transferable skills pupils can learn by studying languages: resilience, resourcefulness, courage and empathy.

Benenden has been a sponsor of The John Wallis Church of England Academy for almost a decade. Read more here