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07 Oct 2021
Students Enjoy Successful MUN Conference
On Saturday students travelled to Reigate Grammar School to attend REIMUN for their first...
27 Jan 2020
Benenden Take Part in Wycombe Abbey MUN
Twelve MUNers headed off to Wycombe Abbey last weekend for a US-style Model UN conference...
16 Dec 2019
Benenden's 12th MUN Conference is a Success
This month Benenden hosted our 12th Model UN conference - BMUN12 - which comprised around...
28 Nov 2019
Oxford Global MUN Success
This month MUN delegates participated in Oxford Global MUN. Representing eight different...
28 Jan 2019
Girls excel at MUN Conference at Yale
A group of Benenden girls excelled at the YMUN conference at Yale University, New Haven...
12 Apr 2018
Benenden distinguish themselves at HabsMUN
Last month 14 Benenden MUNers travelled to Haberdasher's Askes' Boy's School for the...