Chapel Choir CD

Benenden Chapel Choir has collaborated with renowned violinist Jennifer Pike to release its first ever commercial CD.

The choir joins a select group of school choirs to have been professionally recorded for commercial release.

The girls perform an 80-minute long interpretation of Stabat Mater – a 13th century text which portrays Mary’s suffering following Christ’s crucifixion. The piece was composed by David Bednall, one of the leading choral composers of his generation.

Order the CD, costing £10 each, by emailing the School.

Benenden Chapel Choir is made up of 34 girls aged 13 to 18 from Benenden School, one of the UK’s leading independent girls’ schools. Jennifer Pike, who shot to fame in 2002 when she was named the BBC Young Musician of the Year, performs the solo violin part on the CD.

The Choir gave their UK première performance of Stabat Mater at a concert at Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Square, London.

chapel choir

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