Drama Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Level

Key Stage 3  Drama is serious fun!

All Benenden students in the Fourth, Upper Fourth and Lower Fifth enjoy one period of Drama each week. In these sessions, they have the opportunity to practically explore text and develop their improvisational skills. Their physical and vocal performance skills are developed through a challenging but engaging programme of study. Our fully rounded learners are introduced to a wide range of social, cultural, political, and historical topics. These topics allow for reflection on the past whilst embracing the demands of the 21st century. All opinions are valued within our safe, supportive and stimulating environment. The imagination of the young people is the only limit to what they can achieve!


Students opt for GCSE Drama because they love performing and that is why we take a practical approach to everything we do. Through our curriculum, the young people are able to develop their skills by studying a range of differing theatre styles and exploring the work of a host of drama practitioners. These allow them the opportunity to both devise original work or approach text in bold and innovative ways and see just how good they can be.

Drama is both rewarding and demanding as a discipline. Resilience and the ability to work independently is essential and we are proud to say that we equip our learners with skills that are transferable, ensuring those who study drama leave the School as confident, outgoing and imaginative young people with a range of skills to offer the wider world.

A Level

This course is an exploration of Drama through the ages and involves engaging with the theatre industry and becoming theatre makers. The practical elements of the course are bespoke, based on students’ interests and strengths. Over two years the students develop a company feel working closely with the theatre technicians and Drama staff.

This course refines students' collaborative skills, their analytical thinking and their approach to research. Students grow in confidence and maturity as they successfully realise their own ideas. They learn to evaluate objectively and develop an appreciation of the influences that cultural and social contexts can have on decision making. A Level Drama develops skills that are not just essential for the course but applicable to a wide range of higher education subjects and in the workplace. The skills learnt in Drama are transferable to any career.