Train Travel

Train Travel: Fixed Exeats and Half/End of Terms
(unescorted but with an adult presence)

At Fixed Exeats, Half Terms and ends of term, it is possible for students to travel by train to Charing Cross, usually via Waterloo East. To save lots of parents booking individual taxis for their daughters, the School books a bus to Staplehurst and Benenden staff travel on the train in case of emergencies. It should be noted that this is not an escorted service. Members of staff are there in case of emergency only and cannot be guaranteed to find a seat near younger pupils. For younger pupils, the coaches to London may be more appropriate.

Train Travel: Other Weekends

On other weekends, students may also travel by train to London. The School books a bus to Staplehurst Station each Saturday and a return bus on Sundays. Pupils are not accompanied by a member of staff on these occasions and parents take full responsibility for their daughter's travel.