Supported Travel

Travel Arrangements 

The School Secretary co-ordinates all student travel for Exeats and School holidays.

In order to make transport to and from School easier for parents and pupils, a number of services are available at weekends, exeats and holidays. These incur an additional cost and whilst some are supervised and fully escorted trips for which the school bears responsibility, others are entirely the responsibility of parents.  

Please note that unless the transport is escorted, the girls are the responsibility of their parents once they leave the School site and until they return to the School site.

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Travel Problems

A Duty Hm phone number exists for students who need help with travel difficulties. The phone is operational on days of travel at beginnings and ends of Terms and Half Terms, out of School Office hours. At Fixed Exeats the phone is manned until the buses arrive at their destinations on Friday afternoons and from 6.00pm on a return from the Exeat. On other weekends the phone is operational from Saturday 12.30pm until Sunday at 10.00pm, excluding overnight. The number is available on the Portal.

Please note that it is not possible for students to take school trunks with them on any of the above journeys and they must only take what they can carry. 

Please contact School Office for further details.  

The video below gives you an idea of how quickly you can go from Central London to Benenden: