Oaks Boarding House was built in 1993 alongside Limes House, as part of the Founders complex. Refurbished in 2017, Oaks is a warm and friendly community where we help the girls develop independence for life beyond School. In Oaks, all the girls enjoy individual rooms alongside shared spaces for relaxation and study, like our beautiful Founders Kitchen. 

Oaks House Team


The Oaks Housemistress is Kate Dobson, who teaches Politics and is part of the Safeguarding team. She enjoys reading, current affairs, skiing, and spending time with her dogs.

House Team

The role of Deputy Housemaster is occupied by Mark Aggrey, CCF Contingent Manager and Transport Manager.

Oaks' Hm and DHms are superbly supported by the Limes and Oaks Matrons, and our valued Housekeeping team, Tracey, Liz and Robert. Our Day Matron is Mrs Kathryn Farmer, our Resident Matron is Ms Bella-Marie Daniel and our Sunday Evening Matron is Miss Beverly Mortley.​