Norris is located in the main school building with spectacular views over the terrace and parkland. It is named after Admiral Sir John Norris, who bought the main house in 1702.

The dorms for the younger Norris girls are located in the original house's beautiful, period rooms whilst older girls benefit from purpose-built double study bedrooms. There is plenty of space for relaxation and socialising as Norris has two house studies and two kitchens. The bright, cosy and homely decor complements the atmosphere in the boarding House, which brims with friendliness and warmth. 

Norris Team

Housemaster and Housemistress

Mr Imms and Miss Johns first joined Benenden in 2014, Mr Imms as Teacher of Maths and then additionally as Head of Outdoor Education, tutor and Deputy HM; and Miss Johns as HM of Guldeford and teacher of Psychology. Outdoor enthusiasts and with military backgrounds, they have both been involved in the CCF and DofE programmes too; eager to nurture and develop young people’s excitement and spirit for adventure and wholeheartedly believing that this is a bedrock for positive wellbeing, personal growth and success elsewhere. After spending two years at Gordonstoun, they returned to Benenden to run Norris together along with their young daughter, Maeve and their two energetic but cuddle-crazy Springer Spaniels, Alfie and Orla. They are devoted to championing each young person to find and celebrate their unique spark and provide the guidance for them to shine by their own light whilst celebrating and supporting a kind and inclusive community.

Deputy Housemistress

Miss Katie Tyler is Deputy Housemistress for Norris.


Mrs Sarah Barnes has been the Resident Matron for Norris since joining us in September 2008. Mrs Barnes is a friendly, calm and stalwart presence in the life of all those in Norris. 

Mrs Stacey Large is a warm, caring and approachable Day Matron who also works with the girls on the Weekend Programme. Mrs Nicole Seakens is Norris' Evening Matron.

The House team is very well assisted by various visiting house tutors.